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Faculties  1. Dr.Smt.-Bharti kapoor(Guest Faculty) 2. Dr. Suman Yadav ( Guest faculty)3. Shri.- Rahul Yadav (Guest faculty)
Cources  B.Com./M.Com






  • B.Com. / M.Com.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Com. / M.Com.

  1.  Eligibility Criteria for B.Com.12th  in Commerce or Maths Science Group
  2. Eligibility Criteria for M.Com. Graduate in Commerce or Maths Science Group
Bachelor of Commerce

Programme Outcomes (PO);


After Completion of B.Com. Degree Programme the Graduates will be able to;


Understands the concepts of Business and its implication in real world. Student Get various skill through this course like accounting, tally, Marketing and sales skills. Student can also independently set-up their own business. It enables Student to fulfill Requirements in finance and accounting sector . Decision making capacity can also be enhance through this course.

This Course helps student to develop their skills in various specialization.

Programme Specific Outcomes


  • Degree Programme Provide a strong basic for Professional course and skills development like CA, CS, ICWA, CFA.
  • Student will be able to gain enhanced accounting and Practical skills to become a manager, Accountant, Auditor etc.
  • Through this degree course student will gain communication skills, decision making approach and problem solving approach.
  • Course enable student to explore global opportunities as well.




Name of the course

Course Outcomes


Financial Accounting

  • Acquire conceptual knowledge of basics of accounting.
  • Identity events that need to be recorded in the accounting records.
  • Develop the skills of recording financial transaction and Preparation of reports in accordance with GAAP.
  • Describe the role of accounting information and its limitations.
  • Equip with the knowledge of accounting Process and Preparation of accounts of sole trader.
  • Provide Knowledge of accounting software
  • Recognize circumstances for increased exposure to errors and frauds.


Business regulatory framework.

  • The outcomes of the course are to provide the student with practical legal knowledge of general business law issues.
  • To understand the essential of a valid contract, The laws of the Act, consideration and the various Modes of Discharge of a contract.
  • To explain the various Laws with regards to sale contract and remedial Measure.
  • To familiarize the student with the various law with regards to consumer Protection in India and the Functions of various consumer forum, to understand the meaning and the various

legislation with regards to the cyber laws.




Business Organization and Communication

  • After completion of this course it is expected that the Student Shall understand the basics of the business and will able to imbibe how any business can be organized successfully.
  • The Chapters related communication shall be able to elucidate how communication plays an important role in modern business scenario.


Corporate Accounting

  • An understanding to the regulatory environment in which the companies are formed and operate.
  • A solid foundation in accounting and reporting requirement of the corporation Act and Accounting Standards.
  • Describe the rational, merits, and demerits of issuing bonus share for a company.
  • Prepare financial Statements (Profit & loss Account, balance Sheet, etc.) using online software.
  • Prepare balance Sheet after internal Reconstruction of company.
  • Analyze the case study of major amalgamations of companies in India.
  • Describe the Process of e – filling of annual reports of companies.


Cost Accounting

  • Know the principles, concepts, benefits, utility of cost accounting.
  • In the event of setting up your own industry, being self sufficient in cost accounting, you will be able to acquire knowledge of the methods of material issue, control and labor payment.
  • Will be expert in finding out unit cost, finding tender price, finding contract cost and finding profit.
  • Develop decision making ability through marginal cost analysis, standard cost analysis.
  • Will be able to get employment as a cost analyst in small, big business house.


Business Statistics

  • Apply a basic knowledge of statistics to business disciplines.
  • Develop the ability to analyze and interpret data to Provide meaningful information to assist in management decision.
  • Apply appropriate graphical and numerical descriptive statistics for different types of data.
  • Apply Probability rules and concepts relating to discrete and continues random variables to answer question within a business context;
  • Explain and interpret a variety of hypothesis test to aid decision making in a business context;
  • Use simple/multiple regression models to analyze the underlying relationship between the variables.


(Accounting Group)

Income Tax Law And Practices

  • To Enable Student to well Versed with company law’s and Income tax rule.
    • Capable for being settle down in various Tax firms as expect.
    • Knowledge of various Taxable head and able to solve the Problem related law.







Good’s and service Tax & Custom duty

  • Knowledge of Tax related to goods & Service Tax.
  • Being able to maintain accounts and there liability.
    • Knowledge and expertise in the field of customer’s and Taxes.


(Management Group) Management Accounting

  • Focus to prepare student in the field of Accounting.
    • To Prepare student for Professional course like CA, ICWA, company Secretary.
    • Use & Implication of Budgetary Techniques.



  • To gain knowledge about Audit, and to Peruse Carrier in Audit.
  • To gain Expertise in the field of company Audit.
    • To Research and Field outcomes of that and Practical Implementation.


(Marketing Group


Principles of Marketing

  • To Prepare Student for Making career in marketing Sector.
    • Knowledge of various Pricing Strategies, Distribution Channels.
    • Knowledge of new Product Launch and its Promotions.


International Marketing

  • To Explore International Market and gain Specific Knowledge.
  • To being Capable in understanding Various International Distribution Channels.
    • Knowledge of export Practices.













Name of the course

Course Outcome


Management concepts

To improve Managerial skills among Students and prepare them as future manager.

To understand the depth of business world and work accordingly.


Business Environment

Theoretical knowledge of Business environment.

To know and learn various Dimension of business


Advanced Accounting

To know the Practical aspects of various accounting skills.

To gain Knowledge of advance accounting skills’.


Cost Analysis and control

To gain knowledge of cost and its treatment.

To peruse knowledge of various costing method.


Corporate Legal Framework

To gain Knowledge about various company Law’s.

To know about monopolistic trade Practices and restrictive trade Practice.


Organization Behavior

To understand the concept of Successful organization. To handle and deal with organization conflict.


Advance statistical Analysis

Prepare Student to use tools of statistical and its Practical use. Develop Problem solving approach through statistical analysis.


Functional Management

To gain Knowledge about human resource and their management. To enable Students to understand about Production and Process of new Production development.


Management Economics

To understand demand supply and customer choice regarding products.

To understand concepts of business cycles and various business phases.


Tax Planning and Management

Student will be able to know about the various taxation areas of business.

To know about the various Tax saving scheme of govt. for setting up of new business


Entrepreneurship Skill Development

To prepare student for start up’s and business of their own. Developing various skills for being a successful Entrepreneurship.


Accounting for managerial decision

To evaluate the financial goodness of business, capital structure content.

Enable to take capital budgeting decisions.


Advertising and sales management

This course enable student to gain Knowledge about advertising Strategies.

To Know about latest trend in marketing


Consumer Behavior

Knowledge about various type/ Categories of consumer, their preferences and tastes.

Knowledge about customer handling Procedure. Customer Grievance management.


Rural and Agriculture marketing

To explore the Indian Rural market and new techniques of agriculture.

To develop the concept of rural marketing in real world.




International Marketing

To know the nature and scope of international marketing. Knowledge about documentation regarding export & import.

Master of Commerce

Program Outcomes


  • Detail Knowledge and expertise over Graduate Program.
  • After completion of P.G. Course Student will be able pursue career in their desired field.

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